4 Ways to Trade Screen Time for Green Time

May 8 / Rhode to Wellness

L.L. Bean gives us the tips to make the outdoors part of your routine. 

As working from home becomes more prevalent for kids and adults alike, we’re finding ourselves stuck to our screens more than ever. That’s why it’s so important to add small outdoor breaks into your daily routine. It’s proven to be beneficial for your overall mental and physical health, so you’ll come back in with a clear head, and plenty of energy to tackle the rest of your day. Here are a few easy ideas for adding a breath of fresh air to your schedule. We sat down with L.L. Bean and got their top 4 tips for taking a well-needed break from the screen and getting outside.

  1. Start your day on the right foot.

A person on a deck holding a cup of coffee, looking down at their dogs.

Mornings are when you set the tone for the entire day ahead, so find a little time to enjoy some peaceful moments outdoors. It could be as simple as taking your coffee or tea out on the porch. Or finding a few extra minutes to sit on a park bench as you walk your dog. Make this your “you” time, when you can take a deep breath, clear your head and embrace the quiet before starting your day. Your mind and body will thank you.

2. School’s out(side)

Distanced learning means even more screen time, and while time spent with teachers is extremely valuable, every kid could use a little extracurricular activity outside. Set aside even 30 minutes every day for recess or “gym class” – and try to get out there yourself to supervise and score some rewarding playtime with your child. Or create an extra period for outdoor exploration. From botany to biology to natural history, Mother Nature has so many lessons to teach. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the things kids could never find inside a classroom.

3. Go out to work out

Woman practicing yoga outside on a mat.

A few times a week, many of us would head to the gym to work on our health, let off some steam, or start the day with a burst of energy. But things have changed. Even though most gyms have reopened, you might not feel comfortable going back quite yet. So why not take your workout routine outside? Beyond the obvious outdoor activities like running and jogging, you can bring some weights or a kettlebell to the local park and get to work. Or, even better, Garden City Center is bringing outdoor fitness to you, with the new Garden City SWEAT program.

4. Enjoy a night out.

Midnight sky full of stars.

Nothing says summer like a night outside. Being outdoors when it’s dark lets you use every one of your senses. And when the skies are clear and gorgeous, you simply can’t beat the view. Schedule weekly astronomy walks with the family to learn about all the planets, stars and constellations you can spot in the night sky. There are even apps available that you can point at the sky to help you along as you stargaze.

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