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Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0

Wed, May 15 - Wed, June 12

A playful installation at the Gazebo, swinging in May 15 – June 12.


Mi Casa, Your Casa is inspired by the mercados of Latin America, lively street markets where human connections are made every day.

The installation features a series of three-dimensional red frames that illustrate the warmth, comfort, and safety of our homes. With their basic shape recognizable by all, the tiny houses form a blank canvas for community engagement and activity, where people of all ages can socialize in a playful spirit.

The swing invites the passer-by to settle comfortably in the small houses and to relax by swaying quietly in a unique environment! When a casa is empty, a welcoming white glow bids you to enter. Once inside, the glow intensifies to show that someone is home.



Creators: Esrawe + Cadena

Lighting and Interactive Conception: Serge Maheu

Tour production: Creos