8 Ways to Practice Self-Care in Your Kitchen and Beyond with Whole Foods

Mar 22 / Rhode to Wellness

Now that many of us are homebound or at least home more often than usual, our mental well-being has become a top priority. But that doesn’t mean you have to do anything drastic or completely change your routine. We chatted with Whole Foods Market to get their favorite tips on how to boost your mood and energy from right inside your home. Feel inspired? Find everything you need for your self-care day at Whole Foods at Garden City Center.


Find joy in mindful cooking.

Pay attention to the smells, textures and taste of everything you’re prepping and chopping up. Self-care comes in many forms and finding gratitude for the food that nourish you is an easy way to usher in positive thoughts and happiness. Try our Better Than Chicken Soup for a hearty dish that adds lots of greens to your meal. We also like Peruvian-Style Sheet-Pan Chicken and this Five-Ingredient Pasta Fix to stimulate the senses and fill your home with comforting aromas.

Meditate by making bread from scratch.

Meditation isn’t always sitting cross-legged on the ground with your eyes closed. You can practice being present in your kitchen while mastering the art of making bread. Find a nice, clean space on your kitchen counter and just mix, knead, press … and breathe. Need ideas? Check out our guide to no-yeast breads.

Hydrate with wellness mocktails and fun water.

Mocktails are the hot trend these days and you can take it up a notch by adding products from our supplements aisle like elderberry, probiotics and more. These hydrating drinks may include antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to tune up your body (just remember to keep an eye on labels and dosage instructions when adding dietary supplements to the mix). Try this easy recipe for a mint-infused Rose and Elderberry Tonic. You can also turn regular water into something special and exciting by adding seltzer for a fizzy kick. Drop in berries and fresh slices of lemon, lime or cucumber for a refreshing boost of flavor. Hydration will take on a whole new meaning after this.

Declutter your mind by decluttering your fridge.

The block of cheese that’s been there for who knows how many years? Toss it. Or don’t. Do whatever you want as long as it brings you joy and clean, orderly shelves. Get a few quick tips and helpful strategies in our guide to organizing your refrigerator.

Bonus tip from GCC: Be sure to visit The Container Store to find all the handy, didn’t-know-I-needed-this, tools for fridge organization! 

Shed stress in your bathtub spa.

One way to treat yourself and brighten up the bathtub: Scatter flower petals into your bath water. We like using fragrant and soothing flowers like roses, lavender, jasmine, peonies and orchids. You can also arrange flowers in a vase or fill up a bowl with citrus to brighten up any space in the house.

Refresh your skin with a new beauty routine.

Find some quiet time and take a moment to zone out while enjoying a facial steam of roses, lavender, chamomile tea and essential oils. This can gently open pores and is a quick solution for dull skin. Get tips to help you put your best face forward and learn how to whip up our DIY facial steam.

Take care of yourself by taking care of something else.

Nurturing a plant or growing potted herbs can have a soothing effect. Not only will you feel accomplished watching something thrive and grow under your care, you can use it as a reminder to stop and smell the greens. If you’re growing herbs, rub the leaves between your fingers for instant aromatherapy. Don’t know where to start? Succulents are low maintenance and require very little watering. We’ve already gathered some pro tips to get you started.

Relax and light a candle.

Feel warmth and coziness in every corner of your home with the simple act of lighting a scented candle or burning some palo santo. Quick story time: Palo santo is a wild tree native to regions in Central and South America. It’s believed to have cleansing and healing properties, and people tend to use it as a way to clear the air in and around the house. With notes of sweet pine, mint and lemon, we think it makes for great aromatherapy.

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