modmama first opened on the east side of Providence in 2006. since then, it has doubled in size and moved to a location in Garden City Center, the premier shopping destination in Rhode Island. the philosophy has always been less is more when it comes to modern parenting, invest in quality products that will grow with your little one and that will withstand the demands of your little one, but do it all with style. #stylishcrisisprevention

Our lifestylists are experts in all things baby, they know the secrets of when to splurge, when to save, and how to do it all with style. to ease the transition from jetsetting to bedwetting, they will guide you to the lightest weight carseat & strollers that won’t slow you down and fashion that will make other babies drool. call them your goo goo ga ga gurus if you want. A lifestylist’s favorite advice? don’t sacrifice style, #rockyournewrole

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