Ohanga Inc. is a Rhode Island start-up founded in May of 2020 with the mission of celebrating creativity and the vision to reconnect communities with their local creative economy. Relying heavily on storytelling to re-educate consumers on the significance of handmade or locally sourced products, Garden City Center is Ohanga’s second in-person retail store, after the first one opened in Newport, RI. 

You can shop guilt-free at Ohanga because all art and artisanal products are Ohanga Verified: local, sustainable, and fair trade. 

In addition to hosting a physical and online art and artisanal marketplace, Ohanga also provides an artisanal subscription service for the public called Artisan Monthly, and business services like web development, marketing, advertising, and social media to its artist members. 

Come inside, challenge your consumer habits, and meet your local Creatives!

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