Air & Anchor

At Air & Anchor, we care about the sh*t that matters®. Like creating quality products with purpose, honoring our manufacturing roots, and working with local makers right here in our community. One could say we care about the sh*t that matters so much, we went and built an entire business around it.

Every day we blend our passion for vintage craftsmanship with the need for modern, functional jewelry and goods that honor life’s little moments. You know, like catching a sunrise with a cup of coffee in hand. Cozying up with a blanket and a good book. Finding a second of gratitude during a busy workday. We make the products you’ll reach for time and time again as a daily reminder to stop and savor the good stuff.

We create everything in our family-owned factory in RI that’s been a part of our story for generations—and because heritage is at the center of everything we do, we infuse it into everything we make. That way, your history will always include a little piece of us, because our goods are built to last. We’re vintage and modern, we’re big and small, we’re local and global. We’re made for the life in between®. We’re Air & Anchor.

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